Family Room


The GTM has two special family apartments with two bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen. This mostly caters to long term guests who are here with children or those who are here for long term contract work. It is also very convenient for families with children who are vacationing in Nepal. Other family rooms are large and spacious with 3-4 beds but without the kitchen and living areas.

Garden Facing Room


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Standard Room

$ 33 / per person

The standard rooms, situated in the old wing of the GTM are small and comfortable. They are the most reasonably priced rooms out of all the other room categories. They all have an attached bathroom, but are non AC. These rooms are very high in demand among students and volunteer workers who stay for the “KGH experience.”

Deluxe Room

$ 359 / per night / room

We’re proud of the new Siddhi Annex, which brings a new, more modern level of comfort to the GTM. The building is centrally air-conditioned and serviced by a lift. Suite rooms come with attached bath to soak tired legs, while deluxe rooms offer a powerful shower unit. Most rooms directly overlook the KGH Dream Garden.

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